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Paris Funeral, 1972

Paris Funeral, 1972


A down and out Italian poet and two young folk musicians go in search of an ancestral grave.


Paris Funeral, 1972 is a story about destitution and attempting to love in the increasingly worrisome milieu of 2018.  The film blurs the line between fiction and documentary with a cast composed of real people, all non-actors, reinterpreting and fictionalising their own lives.  Having inspired the very ideas we discuss in our film, we worked with them intimately and collaboratively to develop and expand on them further.  There was no formal script and no rehearsals.

The process of making this film is as important to us as the completed work itself.  For this reason, among others, shooting on 16mm film is imperative; while expensive to buy and process, it is necessary in its inimitable beauty and invaluable in its contributions - whether anticipated or unforeseen - to the way we approach filmmaking.  

As a small crew of young Australian filmmakers, our filmmaking methodology is intentionally spontaneous and inherently ambitious.  Having established our process in the making of our last film, we developed it further in the making of our first feature.